Corporate Services:

CRIS Inc. provides a host of services for public companies including providing a corporate secretary, stomach visit this site hosting board meetings, sickness hosting shareholder meetings, shareholder communication and assistance with the preparation of periodic public company filings.


Corporate Secretarial:

Board of Directors/Committee meetings

  • Organize attendees
  • Prepare agenda
  • Host conference call
  • Meeting secretary
  • Prepare minutes & digitally record
  • Send to Board for approval
  • Assist with annual committee meetings

Annual Shareholder Meeting:

  • Advise on meeting and record dates
  • Prepare management information circular
  • Monitor proxy voting (daily)
  • Host shareholder meeting
  • Assist with meeting script (legal section)
  • Visual/digital recording of meeting
  • Prepare minutes

Minute Book:

  • Maintain minute book
  • Maintain shareholder registry
  • Maintain directors registry
  • Maintain committees
  • Maintain corporate resolutions
  • Maintain warrant registry
  • Maintain options registry

Insider Trades:

  • Record & maintain SEDI filings for insiders and Board


  • Annual calendar with filing deadlines, etc.


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